YSA-U Cohort 2 Graduation

YSA-U Cohort 2 Graduation

Excitement fills the air as the countdown begins for the highly anticipated Youth Startup Academy Uganda (YSAU) Cohort 2 Graduation Ceremony, scheduled for tomorrow August 25, 2023, at the vibrant locale of HIVE COLAB. The culmination of an intensive and transformative entrepreneurship program, this event marks a significant milestone for the graduating startups. Through unshaken dedication and perseverance, these startups have embarked on a remarkable journey of growth and learning, now intentioned to embrace a new chapter in their entrepreneurial voyage.

As the ceremony approaches, a sense of achievement engulfs the atmosphere, echoing the success attained by the YSAU Cohort 2 Startups. This occasion stands as an attestation to the collaborative efforts of invaluable partners – International Trade Centre, KOREA SMEs Startups Agency, NITA Uganda, and the driving force, HIVE COLAB. The graduation event promises to be an inspiring occasion of experiences, featuring engaging startup exhibitions, the signing of an investment agreement with a triumphant startup alumnus from Cohort 1, dynamic panel discussions, and the unveiling of the updated "DEAL BOOK".

With the spotlight on these determined graduates, the YSAU Cohort 2 Graduation Ceremony stands as a beacon of pride and accomplishment. The event not only acknowledges their dedication but also drives them forward, armed with knowledge and confidence, into a future bright with entrepreneurial promise.

YSAU Cohort 2 Graduation Program

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