Innovation Challenges

Innovation Challenges

Hive Colab partners with Government, Development agencies, Civil Society, International organizations and private sector to support Uganda's growing tech talent and contribute to the development of Uganda's digital economies. In the last couple years we have partnered with notable agencies like the US State Department, Oxfarm,, Uganda Telecom, DemoAfrica and the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA).

The Hive Colab Innovation Challenge in conjunction with Japan International Cooperation Agency was developed to identify Uganda’s top innovators. Hive Colab partnered with the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance as well as NITA(U). With the aim to identify Uganda’s top innovators, the goal was to also encourage innovation and the use of technology.

With the call for applications country we received 500 applications with innovation ideas in which through a thorough selection criteria identified the top 5 innovations from Uganda’s top young innovators with whom got an opportunity to show case their skills in Japan. Applications were received from different regions the various regions of the country with emphasis on females to apply with over 55% of the applicant’s women and majority of youth between the ages of 18 and 25.

We had 40% of the applications with innovations in health, 30% in agriculture, 20% in transport and logistics and 10% in the energy sector. This shows the interest of young innovators to tackle the issues that are affecting the health sector particularly with innovations solving issues to do with covid19 and maternal health. With this statistic, we look to continue mentoring and supporting all innovations and innovators as they do offer solutions to the current problems that are facing Uganda at present.

With the right support that Hive Colab is providing to the innovators we look to implement these concepts into the private and public sector but however creating impact that will lead to the creation of jobs. The final pitch event served as an opportunity for the Japanese people and government to see our innovations and the applicants an opportunity to show case their skills to the outside world.

The innovation challenge also served as an opportunity The Hive Colab Innovation Challenge winner “Areya” a medical innovation including four other contestants chosen from the large pool of contestants are to get the opportunity to Japan to learn from Japanese experts, network and also get opportunities within the Japanese and Asian market.