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Insights - Hive Colab

Hive Colab is an open, community-owned, co-working hub for young tech entrepreneurs in Uganda. We offer digital entrepreneurs access to the internet, a quiet professional working environment to develop their ideas, hold events and generally collaborate. Hive Colab is an innovation and incubation hub, a collaborative co-working space for Uganda's business and tech community

Who we target

Entrepreneur / Startups
Accelerate your venture to success
Invest in places that matter to you.
Tech professionals
Make your Day Today
Development partners
Bright Solutions. Profitable Results.
Developing community based initiatives.
Fresh ideas for your event.

Our Locations

awesome all- inclusive Amenities & perks

Fiber Internet & WiFi
Keyless building entry
Free access to our working space
coffee, tea & snacks
Discounted space
Free parking
Partner Discounts

Thematic labs

Technologies focused on revolutionizing Education in Africa, power Uganda's emerging digital economies.


Hive Colab is a research and innovation arm at Hive Colab that focuses on ICT for development researching on how to implement

Women at hive

The women at Hive is a women founders program that focuses on supporting women in business to grow their businesses.

Current programs

The Innovation of Things (IOT) Initiative is an initiative by Hive Colab to assist developers who are in technology and innovation.

Frontier Global Ventures Ltd

Frontier Global Ventures Ltd is legally incorporated in Uganda as a company that is engaged in production of cheaper nutritious feeds from crop residues

Kasana Organic Foods

Kasana Organic Foods processes and produces nutritious dried fruit using locally sourced organic ingredients, and turns fruit peels into organic fertilizer.


Crisgrow provides quality,healthy and organic avocado products to local and international health conscious individuals while promoting sustainable production by enabling access to quality and affordable livestock feeds and organic fertilizers to small holder farmers.

RENA Beverage Solutions Ltd

RENA Beverage Solutions Ltd is an agro processing company established in 2011 and registered in 2012. It is located in Kireka, Kira Municipality, Wakiso District, Uganda. We make 13 products from Hibiscus, fruits and other plants (okra seeds, rosemary, peach palm seeds, and fruits) because of their natural nutritional and medicinal values.

God’s Care Rice Processors

God’s Care Rice Processors is an agribusiness enterprise that works with rice farmers from Mubuku Irrigation settlement irrigation who supply it with rice for hulling. After hulling the rice the company gets rice husks as a by-product which it processes into fish, poultry and animal feeds

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News and events

January 24, 2022
Business development training: The MTN Open API training
January 24, 2022
Business development training: Value proposition.
September 02, 2019
Our programmes

Hive Colab is Uganda's premier co-working space and tech incubator for fast-growing startups revolutionizing Uganda's digital economies

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