Business Investment Opportunity

Business Investment Opportunity

The Hive Colab Business Investment Opportunity is an initiative by Hive Colab to provide startups with the opportunity to meet and pitch their ideas to vetted investors. The opportunity helped startups to get their documentation and their profiles ready to meet the minimum requirements of the investor.

We looked at it as a way of them learning what the investors require from them at national level and international level. Through the investment opportunity, Hive Colab is able to link startups to the best investment funds and give them the experience on what is required from each start up at their beginner stage to when it grows to a viable business based on the mentorship they have acquired from the experts.

We received over 50 applications for the Hive Colab Business Investment Opportunity in which we provided an opportunity for all to pitch in front of the investors with the startups going through different rounds until the final pitch event. The investor considered the startups that have traction and have business modules that are ready to scale with those not successful under a mentorship program for the next business opportunity.

Through our experts we get the startups to the investor readiness stage. It was also an opportunity for them attract investment. We had several startups apply and go through a pitch training exercise. The investor also had a Q&A session with the startup. We welcome startups in all sectors namely agriculture, energy, logistics and education.

This program shall be revived in October in conjunction with Lycamobile Uganda support startups.