KAMPALA, UGANDA - July 27, 2023,

In a bid to create a thriving ecosystem for startups in Uganda, the International Trade Centre (ITC), The Ministry of SMEs and Startups Korea (MSS) and The Korea SMEs and Startups Agency (KOSME) with The National Information Technology Authority- Uganda (NITA-U) and Hive Colab under the Youth Startup Academy Uganda project, in partnership with the Innovation Village is conducting a ground-breaking information sharing workshop.

The workshop, designed as a vital dialogue platform, brings together diverse stakeholders, including government representatives, startup founders, industry experts, and the wider entrepreneurial community in Uganda. It aims to foster a comprehensive understanding and consensus on the development of the Ugandan startup ecosystem. Leveraging expertise and best practices from the successful Korean startup ecosystem, the dialogue is designed to equip Ugandan stakeholders with valuable insights and policy recommendations.

"With the Uganda Startups Ecosystem Information Sharing Workshop, we are forging a path towards an enabling Startup Act, which we believe will catalyze the growth of the local startup ecosystem," said Hon. Okot Boniface, a member of parliament. "This workshop not only encourages dialogue and collaboration but also facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences, thereby enriching the startup ecosystem."

Key features being deliberated for the upcoming Startup Act include streamlined registration and licensing procedures for startups, improved access to finance, intellectual property protection, the establishment of government support programs, tax incentives, and robust digital infrastructure development.

This dialogue recognizes the need for continuous collaboration, feedback, and improvements, with an emphasis on inclusivity and representation of diverse stakeholders. It seeks to identify potential roadblocks in the implementation of the Act and promotes accountability among all stakeholders involved in fostering a conducive environment for startups to thrive.

To this effect, the workshop is privileged to host esteemed Korean expert, Professor Young-Tae KIM from KAIST, who will be sharing insights and strategies from the successful Korean startup ecosystem.

"We are looking forward to constructive and forward-looking discussions at the Uganda Startups Ecosystem Information Sharing Workshop. We believe that the lessons from Korea can significantly contribute to shaping Uganda's startup ecosystem," commented Abraham Kang, delegate from the Korean Ministry of Startups.

The workshop will culminate in a comprehensive report outlining key discussions, policy recommendations, and action points to be disseminated among stakeholders and the public. Success stories and participant testimonials will also be shared to showcase the impact of the dialogue.

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