Current programs

Current programs

The Youth Startup Academy Uganda project, financed by the Korea SMEs and Startups Agency (KOSME), is being implemented in Uganda. The project’s goal is to incubate 1,000 young entrepreneurs by 2024.

To fulfill the goal, it will select one existing incubation hub in Kampala, Uganda and then set-up YSAU in the hub by upgrading infrastructure and programmes. Throughout the project term, the project will run 4 cycles of incubation programme which consist of group training, mentoring and consulting.

The project will work with the Uganda government of Uganda (Ministry of ICT, Ministry of Trade, National Information Technology Authority of Uganda), Korean Government (Ministry of SME and Startups, KOSME) and startup ecosystem in the other countries to provide an opportunity for Ugandan young entrepreneurs to grow in the global market.

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O-Farms Program

O-Farms is a business accelerator initiated by Bopinc and Village Capital, in partnership with IKEA foundation, with the goal of making circularity a mainstream approach for improved livelihoods and sustainability. For implementation of the accelerator activities in Uganda, O-Farms is teaming up with Hive Colab.

The agricultural value chains generate many losses and byproducts that are often disposed as waste, making agriculture the most relevant sector to leverage on for opportunities of a circular economy in Uganda.

The Crops (Oil and nut crops, root crops, pulses, plantains, cereals and grains, horticulture-fruits and vegetables and industrial crop processing), livestock (Cattle, goats, sheep, pigs and poultry) and fisheries (Nile perch and tilapia) sub-sectors generate considerable waste and have huge potential for circularity with tremendous business opportunities to produce animal feed, human food or food supplements, biodegradable packaging for food and beverages, bioenergy and organic fertilizers and compost.

What we are looking for in applicants?

Hive Colab is looking for a diverse cohort of SMEs building innovations or business models for bringing agricultural food losses, or by-products back into the food system for:

  • Processing into ingredients for food for human consumption
  • Processing into ingredients for animal feed, organic fertilizer or compost and bioenergy generation
  • Processing into biodegradable packaging materials for food and beverages for the food industry
  • Processing into organic fertilizer or compost as inputs for agricultural production
  • Processing for Bioenergy generation for agriculture value chains

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Accelerator Programmes

The Hive Accelerator programme is an ongoing programme developed by Hive Colab to assist its current startups and also startups from other hubs

Hive virtual

Hive Virtual is our Virtual Incubation Program that is aimed at reaching out and supporting growth oriented rural entrepreneurs in Uganda.

Innovation Challenges

Hive Colab partners with Government, Development agencies, Civil Society, International organizations and private sector to support Uganda's growing tech talent and contribute to the development of Uganda's digital economies.

Agro Business Development Services Programme

Hive Colab Agro Business Development Services Program in junction with Goal Uganda was designed to support small holder farmers...

Business Investment Opportunity

The Hive Colab Business Investment Opportunity is an initiative by Hive Colab to provide startups with the opportunity to meet...

The University Accelerator Programme

The University Accelerator Programme is a programme developed to target the university students and youth at large in the ideation stage.

The Hive Colab Hackathons

The Hive Colab Hackathons are events that do happen around our work spaces to equip our communities with skills and knowledge...