Hive Colab accelerator

Hive Colab accelerator

The aim of the accelerator is to bridge the gap between Investors/funders and credit worthy social impact businesses in Uganda. The accelerator will support early stage high growth potential startups to become investor ready.

Hive Colab works with founders to grow and scale their businesses by helping them build strong foundations that enable them to grow their brands.

The expected outcome is that the startups mature into quality investment cases. This accelerator uses the Hive Colab pathway as a starting point to help the business understand where they are and where they need to be in order to attract investment.

This provides a thorough assessment of the business and helps the leader(s) prepare for growth by closing the identified gaps with support from our business analysts and mentors.

The focus is not only on ensuring that the business is investible by the time they exit the accelerator but also is positioned for increase in revenue, profit and impact.