Activities for Mbarara Hive

Youth meet-ups: Usually about new and upcoming technology, IOT, robotics, future of tech in the region, how we could support startups and how to help the youth equipped with ict skills earn from it.

Code days. These will generally be code lessons. Language can be any of Javascript, css, html, python, etc. we Holiday programs for holiday makers ie. University, secondary and primary schools.

Hackathons. Usually about the four thematic areas-civic, finance, health, agric Social media days. To increase engagement with social media. Get on hash tags and create a stronger social media network.

Business development programs and prototype development. Branding, team building, marketing, finance mgt. Always handled under the university accelerator program. IOT days. IOT events and clubs that come up with ideas and projects that help maintain traffic at the hub and keep a community. Internships for university students.