The Hive Colab Hackathons

The Hive Colab Hackathons

The Hive Colab Hackathons are events that do happen around our work spaces to equip our communities with skills and knowledge that is necessary for them in their daily life and business.

The events do happen on a weekly basis or within a given period of time and they are important for our community members as they learn new skills for example communication skills and time management skills through pitch events, marketing skills through Business Talk. Hive Colab creates events that are based upon the sector of our community members for example Agri Tech Talk for our startups in the agriculture sector, International Girls in ICT for women in technology and many others.

The Hackathons also allow the community members to engage experts in their various fields upon the sector and we do invite mentors and experts in their various fields to encourage and engage with our community members on a one on one basis. As Hive Colab, this is important for our startups and community members to learn from the best through the expert’s and mentor’s real life experience to encourage them to have more attitude towards what they are trying to achieve.

Hive Colab has a large community base stretching to three regions in Central, Western and currently in Northern Uganda with over 2135 community members.